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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Today there are few people who cannot wear contact lenses. So, if you have been unsuccessful elsewhere, given up contact lens wear due to comfort issues or just want to try them, give us a call or pay us a visit. It is likely we could find you a solution, particularly in combination with our Dry Eye Centre.

As well as offering the usual soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses, Maddox Contact Lens Centre goes beyond the scope of the high street to offer specialist lenses such as hybrid and Eyedream lenses.

The Oculus K5m Topographer

The K5m will be used during your contact lens appointment to map the cornea and all it’s contours for a more accurate and comfortable contact lens fit. This differs from your average high street opticians where the front curvature of the eye is measured using a keratometer, a simple instrument limited to measuring just the central 3mm of the cornea in two directions.

The K5m it is more than just a topographer though, it has a number of functions that aid in contact lens assessment and fitting, including a high resolution camera/video so that we can show you what we are talking about.

Contact lenses offer freedom from the constraints of spectacles, be it for sport, your occupation or just so you can wear your favourite sunglasses.

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Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are by far the most popular form of contact lens and come in various designs and materials. As the name suggest they are soft to the touch and drape over the cornea, taking on it’s shape.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP)

RGP contact lenses work differently than soft lenses so that any movement caused when blinking does not affect the astigmatic correction. For this reason they are the first choice for complicated or significant degrees of astigmatism. Smaller than soft contact lenses and, as the name suggests, made of a rigid material, they tend to take a longer period to adapt to. Now the oxygen permeability of soft lenses has vastly improved, RGP contact lenses tend to be reserved for more complicated prescriptions.

Hybrid Lenses

Synergeyes Duette HD™ successfully combines the best technical features of soft and RGP contact lenses in a state-of-the-art hybrid lens. Hybrid lenses offer the superior vision of an RGP lens with the comfort of a soft lens by having an RGP centre and soft silicone skirt. They are able to accommodate patient’s with high prescriptions and even astigmatism up to 6 Diopters.

This is the ideal option for those who cannot tolerate RGP lenses and are unable to obtain good vision with soft lenses.


EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique known as orthokeratology. EyeDream provides clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses during the day. No more restrictions on how long you wear your lenses, no more irritation in dry, smoky environments or at the end of a long day.

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