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Dry Eye Assessment

Dry Eye Assessment

With hospital eye departments overworked with sight threatening conditions, GPs without the necessary equipment and most high street opticians concentrating on the retail side of optics, options for the dry eye sufferer have, until now, been limited.

Maddox Dry Eye Centre have not only invested in the latest dry eye diagnostic equipment but allow adequate time to investigate all aspects of your tear system. With this information we can formulate the right individual treatment plan to improve your symptoms.

Initial Appointment

After listening to your symptoms and taking a detailed history of your general health, medication, and any prior dry eye treatments you may have tried, your eye and tear system are assessed in detail. Advanced evaluation, including infra-red meibomian gland analysis, enables for a bespoke treatment plan. The numerous videos/stills produced by the Oculus K5m are used to help illustrate any issues. You will leave well instructed on how to battle your dry eye condition. Leave up to an hour for the appointment.

Review Appointment

It is useful to fine tune your treatment plan at 3-5 weeks after the initial assessment, though in the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) the review appointment is held at 3 months. This is because the nutritional or medicinal systemic treatments often recommended can take a while to take effect. A review will decide if there is need to move up a stage in treatment.

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With the advent of the K5m we can now examine your eyes and tears in a way not previously possible.

View advanced features of the K5m

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Before your assessment

1. Do not use any drops/ointments or treat your dry eyes on the day of your appointment.
2. Bring details of any previous treatments you may have tried and any medication you may be taking, even if it’s not for your eyes.
3. Try and have a think about your condition.

  • What time of day do your eyes feel worst?
  • Does any task or particular environment make them worse?
  • How do your eyes feel on waking?
  • What treatment has been most effective so far?


Initial Appointment (includes review appointment) – £79

Additional Review Appointment – £29