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Lens Coatings

Available Lens Coatings

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Adding a hard coat to the surface of a lens helps reduce the chance of any scratches. Plastic lenses, though safer and lighter in weight, have an inherently soft surface and require a hard scratch-resistant coating. Glass lenses are far less likely to scratch, though no lens is scratch-proof. However, if you opt for the Crizal Alize Forte coating from Essilor, they will guarantee against any scratches for 2 years.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Often referred to as an Anti-Glare Coating, this microscopic layer helps reduce any reflections from the lens surface. This means that any glare due to reflections of car headlights or computer screens, for example, can be significantly reduced. In addition it improves the appearance of your spectacles and allows a clearer view to your eyes.

UV Coating

Adding a UV coating to your lenses is much like adding sunscreen to your skin. UV light has long been implicated in numerous eye conditions, particularly cataract. Though invisible to the human eye, UV is present all year round, even on a cloudy day.

Crizal Alize Forte

Not all coatings are equal. Our preferred coating is the Crizal Alize Forte from Essilor, a multi-layer coat, the numerous properties of which are listed below. In addition, these lenses are guaranteed against scratches for 2 years.

Anti Reflective
Scratch Resistant
Smudge Resistant
Hydrophobic (repel water)

Crizal Provencia (Blue Light Control)

An advancement on the Crizal Alize Forte, this coating has all the same benefits with the addition of ‘Blue Light Control’.

Though we have long known about the damaging effects of UV light on the eye, research has gone further to identify blue light, or more specifically blue-violet light as particularly damaging to the eye. Blue violet light is able to penetrate deeper into the eye than UV and is implicated in macular degeneration and retinal damage.

Not all blue light is damaging though, daytime blue-turquoise light aids in our general well being and sleep/wake cycles. However, over exposure at night from VDU screens, tablets and smart phones can interfere with our sleep cycle and induce eyestrain.