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This is Miru – contact lenses

  Paul Maddox   Apr 20, 2015   Blog, contact lenses   0 Comment

miruMiru takes its name from the Japanese word for “seeing”. From the moment you open your eyes each morning until you close them again at night, it brings beauty into focus every day of the year.

Gone are the days of bulky packaging taking up space in the bathroom cabinet. miru contact lensesThese ultra-thin lenses are slim enough to put in your pocket, purse or wallet without you noticing.

Miru’s unique flat-pack design is highly hygienic too. Unlike other contact lenses, the peel-back foil ensures easy lens removal from the packaging, always exposing the outer surface of the lens first. This reduces the likelihood of your finger coming into contact with inside of lens, thus preventing bugs or fibres reaching the surface of your eye, keeping them comfortable, safe and healthy.

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